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"fantastic product" - Jill Roberts

Hi I have recently been diagnosed with spinal stenosis and the nerves in my leg were incredible painful. A friend recommended sciaticalm and I have been using daily for just over a week now. The relief is unbelievable I am delighted hope I can continue to keep the reduced pain, I still get the nerve pain but it is definitely reduced. The straps sort of work but don’t really hold the device close enough - if the straps were long enough they could go over the top of the device for a closer fit - this is both short & long. The plastic loop moves but that doesn’t really matter. I would say that it just needs enhancing a little more on the straps otherwise fantastic product which I have recommended to another friend with stenosis. When going to see the pain clinic in Kingston hospital by doctor there, who is a pain specialist was unaware of sciaticalm but was very interested to know more, he read through my leaflet but i couldn’t leave it with him. Overall wonderful product that is improving my life !!!!

"does seem to calm sciatic pain" - Frances Richardson

Hi just a reply about Siaticalm have been using this every morning and does seem to calm sciatic pain during the day. Will continue to use seems a good product. Frances Richardson

I was pain free within a week - June Hutton

Your device worked perfectly, I was pain free within a week. I used the large strap.

I am getting relief from the pain running down my legs - Geoffrey Rabbow

I am actually getting on quite well with the Sciaticalm. I use it twice every day for 12 minutes at a time, I find this very effective as I am getting relief from the pain running down my legs .FYI I'm using the long strap. There is no need to respond. Regards Geoffrey Rabbow

I love it and I am pain free - Pauline Howe

Hi, This is my third device as my dogs keep eating them !! I just keep one incase my sciatica comes back. The sciaticalm worked I love it and I am pain free. I recommend sciaticalm to every one who mentions they have a bad back ! I am a hairdresser and 3 others that I work with also now use the device and love it. I have recommended to a colleague in London who suffers terribly as a hairdresser and he just messaged to tell me its amazing and he has never felt so good. I have recommended it to an estate agent client who has suffered for years and he is also now pain free, its the best thing I have ever bought love it and I will continue to recommend this little magic device. I don’t use the belts at all just big pants, ! but that seems to work for me Kind Regards Pauline

"hopefully it will improve your life as much as it has done mine" - Pauline Monteith

Firstly, I would like to thank you very much for designing something that quite frankly has helped me more than anything else I've ever purchased / tried. I have suffered from Sciatica for nearly 6 years now. I've been told that nothing can be done apart from pain management. I have tried various pain relieving medications, physio, injection, exercise, as well as purchasing other items to try to help with the intense pain. These include tens machine, actipatch, pain patches, heated items, various sprays etc. The only thing that seems to work, especially on a bad day is Sciaticalm. I use this first thing in the morning before work, but also take it with me. It's not too noisy for a quick blast during the day if needed, you don't need to strap it on, so it's quite easy to use. I would definitely recommend this, hopefully it will improve your life as much as it has done mine.

Thank You once again for the Best Buy I've had in a long time - Joan Vogel

I can't believe how Sciaticalm has helped me with the pain I have with Sciatica, as soon as I feel the pain coming on I reach for the device and put it on for 3 times in a day after which I'm good to go for over 2 weeks. Why isn't Sciaticalm advertised more?. Thank You once again for the Best Buy I've had in a long time.

"I would recommend it to anyone" - Clair Owen

Good morning, I use it every morning to get myself going and it works well, I use the largest strap mostly and I would recommend it to anyone. Kind regards

"now I am completely pain free" - Susan Potts

I had chronic pain and couldn't even walk. After using this device for only a few days the pain seemed to ease. I used it three times a day for one month and now I am completely pain free. I would definitely recommend it for sciatica pain rather than pay ££££ to a chiropractor!!!

"my physiotherapist has noted a steady improvement with my condition" - Barrie Cook

Dear team, I have used the device for some time now as part of an integrated programme which also includes professional massage and physiotherapy,specific exercises drawn up by my gym and heat pads. Since using the device in this way my physiotherapist has noted a steady improvement with my condition. I use the large strap to centralise the device over the centre of the lower middle back-I find this very convenient as I can move around with the device in operation. I normally use it for 15 minutes three times a day. Regards Barrie

I get a good measure of pain release after each 10min session - Cliff Taylor

Thanks for the sciaticalm instrument. I have found that by using the machine I get a good measure of pain release after each 10min session. No complete cure yet but still carrying on hopefully! Thanks. Cliff Taylor.

"feeling much more optimistic about the future" - Olga Keveren

The unit is certainly making a difference with a controlling effect upon pain which nothing else seems to achieve. Seems a wise investment so far and with a physiotherapist getting involved next week we are feeling much more optimistic about the future. Many thanks Olga Keveren

"after using "Sciaticalm" virtually pain FREE" - B. Ingram

Hi, I have received the Sciaticalm and also the battery pack in good time. Having ordered for my wife, who was I might add, in constant / severe pain from her back down her left leg to her toes, is after using "Sciaticalm" virtually pain FREE. Although I understand it is NOT a cure, it has saved many tears and sleepless nights. Will continue using as long as need to. Thanks. B.Ingram

"very beneficial" - Christina Bodie

Dear team, Thank you for your email. I found the Sciaticalm device very beneficial in helping me to deal with my back pain and sciatica. I used it with the larger strap to treat my lower back area. The only slight criticism I would make, is that for treating the back area the strap is very narrow and does not seem to hold the device securely in place. I also think that a wider strap might be more comfortable. Apart from this, I think the Sciaticalm is a very good device. Hope this is helpful. Kindest regards

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