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"very beneficial" - Christina Bodie

Dear team, Thank you for your email. I found the Sciaticalm device very beneficial in helping me to deal with my back pain and sciatica. I used it with the larger strap to treat my lower back area. The only slight criticism I would make, is that for treating the back area the strap is very narrow and does not seem to hold the device securely in place. I also think that a wider strap might be more comfortable. Apart from this, I think the Sciaticalm is a very good device. Hope this is helpful. Kindest regards

My pain is much reduced - Jim Williamson

Hi very pleased with sciaticalm as at the moment seems quite effective as my pain is much reduced many thanks. Jim

I am very pleased and impressed - Paul Collier

I found the instructions clear and Sciaticalm easy to use. Initially I have used it with the knee strap on the lowest setting two or three times a day. I have a long standing condition with frequent bouts of sciatica and did not have any great expectations - but amazingly it does seem to help so I am very pleased and impressed. I will probably try different settings, plus the back strap in due course.

Best £37 I ever spent - Ian McMaster

It works for me. Best £37 I ever spent use it every day with the short strap on my legs behind knees dead handy to use it goes everywhere with me. Love it

I would definitely recommend this device to other sufferers - Robert Ward

I have suffered from sciatica for approx. 10 weeks now and although the chiropractor has helped enormously it is the sciaticalm device that I turn to when I get up, and within 10 minutes of use the pain has eased and I have become more mobile. I strap the device around my waist so that it is massaging in the middle of the buttock. I would definitely recommend this device to other sufferers. Robert Ward

"after a few days I was pain free" - Ann Chapman

I was really pleased with the Sciaticalm I used the long strap as the pain I had was in my lower back, I used the machine as instructed and after a few days I was pain free. A Chapman

I'd certainly recommend it to anyone with sciatica - Ray Cooper

Hello, I'm 77 and my spinal trouble runs to several pages of A4. Have had stinging/ burning legs for years. I use a TENS machine for general discomfort. Your product reduces the 'toothache' like sensation in my left leg to a tingling one which is more comfortable. Have only used it behind my knee. Not sure why TENS machines are well known and your product much less so; I'd certainly recommend it to anyone with sciatica. Many thanks, Ray Cooper

"to actually find something that is relieving the pain is wonderful" - Frances Sealey

I find the sciaticalm has helped me to reduce the medication that I am taking. I am using the machine 3 times a day for 10 mins sessions. I have used both straps leg and waist more frequently with waist strap. I intend to carry on my aim is to stop taking the medication it is to early for me to say this will cure me. I do feel that I have turned a corner since using the machine I have been in pain for 6 Months and to actually find something that is relieving the pain is wonderful. I have good and bad days but will carry on. I must say I have never known such pain the spasms to my left leg have reduced dramatically. Regards Frances Sealey

I was surprised to get instant relief - Mazhar Siddiqi

Hello and thank you for writing to me. I had been dogged with Sciatica for almost 4 months when desperation forced me to scan the Internet with the search term "relief from sciatica" - and that's how I came across Sciaticalm. I was surprised to get instant relief that must have lasted a good 3 hours. I know it's not meant to be a cure and I am looking to resolve the problem that caused this reaction. I don't believe in painkilling drugs. After having used it for around 2 1/2 weeks I am following the advice of applying it not more than 3 times daily and just 10 mins per session (though I am so tempted to exceed this) I am seeing a Chiropractor I was recommended soon and hope to be rid of this problem but I'll always keep my Sciaticalm close by just on case. Thanking you, Mazhar Siddiqi

" it works wonderfully below knee" - Amanda Haggis

It has actually made my life so much more bearable as my sciatic nerve is trapped and I need a spine operation. The strap for back must be made for a twenty stone person as goes round me almost twice. One very important question, I use device on my lower back but to my surprise it works wonderfully below knee to help pain down leg. Can I use for ten mins on back and then half hour later on leg, therefore six times a day or would that not be advisable? Best regards Amanda

Saw a Doctor yesterday and recommended it - Ken Broadribb

Hi I have to say it worked very well for me. After going to Physio three times for temporary relief and the doctors for pills which at first clogged me up and others which well...... 'Nuf said. I found the device gave relief after about a half hour of usage and both the sciatica and a later stiff neck, went away after a short week. Saw a Doctor yesterday and recommended it. regards Ken B

"works very well" - Susan Martin

Hi this device works very well I think below knee strap is the most effective think I use that the most but back one also works Well thanks

"the pain relief is impressive" - Patricia Mitchell

Dear Sir/Madam, The device sent to me initially was defective which was annoying! However, having contacted you I was sent a postage returns slip to avoid any loss of money on my part. A replacement unit was sent and it has been found to work very well indeed. Within 3 days of use there was already a marked reduction in the pain I was suffering. Continued use has undoubtedly reduced my pain by a considerable amount. I have additional spinal problems which, it seems, will continue to aggravate my sciatic nerve. The bonus is I now have a medication free device which will eradicate most of the pain until the nerve settles down again. I have worn the device around my leg and around my waist although I found the waist strap too 'delicate' for the job. In either position, the pain relief is impressive.

Couldn't be happier!! - Christina White

Hi! It is brilliant!! I use it on my lower back, along with excercises and am now drug free. Couldn't be happier!! Christina White

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