Using your Sciaticalm device

device with battery

Step 1 - Check the device is operational and contains a working battery.

Pressing the on/off button should activate the device.

Sciaticalm with strap

Step 2 - Secure the unit onto the end of the velcro strap

Slide the velcro strap through the device and secure with the tab provided. Position the device on the point of pain.

Sciaticalm device on strap in position

Step 3 - Secure with the strap

The vibration nozzle should sit directly over the most painful part. This can be at the lower back or upper leg. The device comes with two straps for easy positioning.

Where to place your device for maximum relief

freedom to move

The Sciaticalm unit activates on the press of a button and provides treatment direct to the sciatic nerve. High frequency shockwaves penetrate deep into the nerve and block pain signals to the brain. Treatment is painless and side effect free.

Pain relief can continue for up to 4 hours after each session. It is important to continue the treatment on a daily basis for up to six weeks for the best results. Most users experience significant lower back pain relief within two weeks and increases in lumbar flexion within a number of weeks of starting treatment.

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sciatica guide

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