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Sciaticalm, sciatica treatment

Help manage sciatica pain with Sciaticalm

Sciatica affects around 3% of women and over 5% of men in the UK. Caused by a compression of the sciatic nerve where it exits the spine the condition causes severe burning pain in the lower back, radiating down the leg and often into the foot.

Developed by orthopaedic surgeons in the UK, Sciaticalm applies a precise frequency of signal to the sciatic nerve helping you to manage your pain.

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The UK's top treatment for Sciatica pain

Sciaticalm is safe, cost effective, research backed and easy to use. Press the button and you'll receive instant treatment to help you manage your symptoms. Suitable to be worn at night or under clothes, Sciaticalm can be used whenever required.

Used occasionally during the day or night Sciaticalm is conveniently rechargeable using a USB connection and provides 10 pre-programmed treatment modes.

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Why you can trust Sciaticalm to help you

Sciaticalm was developed by UK surgeon, Mr Ranjan Vhadra in 2010

Mr. Vhadra graduated in medicine from St. Bartholomew's Medical School in London. He's a practicing orthopaedic surgeon and also a member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England and the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. When he's not operating or giving lectures to other surgeons, Mr. Vhadra works on finding treatments to bring relief to millions of people suffering from the condition.

Sciaticalm came about through Mr. Vhadra's research as a trainee surgeon. Vibration therapy for various conditions has been around for a while, and there's been a lot of research on its effectiveness in medical literature. However, the treatment required big and expensive machines, making it only available in hospitals. But Mr. Vhadra, along with a small group of engineers, managed to shrink the electronics and make it portable for everyone. Now, Sciaticalm is a user-friendly, safe, and effective device that many sufferers find incredibly helpful.

For many patients Sciaticalm is a great way to manage their condition without relying on medication. It's available in multiple countries and has successfully helped thousands of sufferers.

Ranjan Vhadra

Award winning

Sciaticalm was the winner of the 2009 Schroders Award for Innovation. The original device has been selling to the UK and EU markets since 2010 and is now a more powerful and effective version of the original early version. Rechargable and moulded to fit the body it is now officially the fourth version of the device.

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100% money back guarantee

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Sciaticalm, boxed with full instructions.
Easy to use at home, 10 modes for sciatica relief
Sciatica treatment, USB chargable, light and wearable under clothes
USB chargeable, light and wearable under clothes
Supplied with charging lead, strap and instructions
Supplied with charging lead, velcro straps and full instructions